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Hannah Saad

Your Online Personal Trainer & Coach

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Not Your Average Coaching Experience

Women often come to me thinking I will help them get healthy, fit and strong and feel more confident about their bodies.

And yes, I will help you get all of that. But you will also get SO MUCH MORE

Getting a coach is probably a big step for you. It was for me too. That’s why I’ve put so much thought into every aspect of your coaching journey - to make sure you feel supported and empowered every step of the way.



I don’t know the stats, but I’m sure most women feel uncomfortable, overwhelmed and intimidated at various times during their fitness journey. I know I definitely did, and still do sometimes.

One of the ways we find Psychological Safety is through connection with others. That’s why I’ve focused so heavily on making sure you’re supported throughout this journey.

And you don’t just have me - you have a whole community of amazing women, just like you, supporting you and cheering you on every step of the way.

As well as your Check Ins with me, you will have access to our Private Facebook Group, where you will find other amazing, inspiring women just like you, sharing their journeys and ready to cheer you on and support you.

Not just limited to fitness - they could be anything from your check ins, training program and nutrition, or more personal challenges that you need support with, which we all need sometimes. This is a safe and supportive space for you to ask questions and discuss and let go of anything that’s been weighing on your mind.

We all deserve to be supported, heard and seen, and this community will be here to support each other through everything life throws at us.

Online PT & Coaching: About Me
Online PT & Coaching: About Me


Now, this is something really special.

This will be where you find the most transformation, and you will get to know and understand yourself on a much deeper level.

So much more than the typical fitness journey progress - this is where you'll start to notice strengthened relationships, improvements in your home life and even career.

The self awareness you will develop doing this deep work will be truly transformative in a way you wouldn't expect from a "fitness program."

Each month we will have devote attention to personal growth, reflection and mindset. As well as fitness, I have a background in Behavioural Psychology and Neuroscience, and I have combined these three areas to create a unique and transformative coaching experience that you won’t find anywhere else. 

As well as this, in my app there is a “Growth Portal” containing a range of 5-15 minute bite sized lessons and activities focused on Mindset, Personal Development and Reflection.

I’ve also included some of my favourite meditations, journal prompts and goal setting activities.

Honestly, this alone is going to absolutely change the game for you. It’s the secret sauce that you never knew you needed.

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