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Hannah has helped me to understand health, nutrition and positive mindset over the past 4 months.


Through a structured and easy-to-follow training guide and DELICIOUS meal plans, I’ve transformed my body & mindset for the better.


Weight training has shaped, sculpted & changed my whole body!!!


I feel strong ❤️ mind & body.


Thank you Hannah, I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive trainer.

Alimina Papageorgiou

Testimonials: Testimonials

Brooke Louise Ryan

Hard work, dedication does pay off.


Before bub I never trained, I hated the gym. It was boring, it hurt and I had never seen the point.


When bub came along I put on 24kgs, 12-15kg was baby, the rest was fat.

Bub was born on October 5th.


I lost 15kg naturally but the rest wasn’t going.


I wasn’t bouncing back like I thought I would. I was comparing myself to other girls that had babies around the same time as me, and saw a lot of girls bouncing back to the way they were before and I wasn’t.


I was sad. I kept telling my friends I’m not happy about my self and every one said you just had a baby don’t worry. But I couldn’t and didn’t want to make my self believe that it was OK to let my self go.


After bub I was really miserable about my weight and walking around with Jason made me feel even worse at times and feel like that over weight chick that scored a guy that went to the gym and looked after himself.


So I put my mind to it. I said “that’s it no more feeling sorry for my self.”


At the start it was hard. Very hard. Going to the gym once 1 week and having no strength, not even being able to do one sit up due to separation in my muscles.


I have to admit I did think to my self at times I can not do this, I can’t. But I did and look at me now 8months later and 4months hard training payed off.


I LOVE MY BODY AGAIN!!!! I have to thank my coach Hannah Louise Wilkinson

For honestly putting up with my shit, listing to me saying “I can’t do this” like all the time lol.


Swearing at her all the time, telling her “you do it” all the time lol. “This hurts, no more”.


But she was there for me and pushed me to my limits. Thank you girl 😙


Anyone can do this you just have to believe. ❤️

Testimonials: Testimonials

Jasmine Halilovic


I loved the constant support and guidance received from Hannah.

I’ve tried plenty of diets and programs before but have always felt unmotivated and fallen back into my old, unhealthy habits. Hannah’s support was the reason for me sticking to this and finally achieving the results I wanted.


I found the meal plans and exercises easy to follow and looked forward to regular check ins and sharing of progress pics. It was great to be part of a program when your coach notices your progress and celebrates your success with you.


The major change I noticed was a massive increase in confidence. I loved that I was finally seeing the changes that I was striving for for a long time.

I was almost ready to give up, thinking nothing would work, but this changed everything for me

Testimonials: Testimonials
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