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What is the Challenge?

The 8 week GLOW UP challenge is something different.
It's all about recognising it's time to do something different, stepping out of your comfort zone and giving yourself a chance to become who you really want to be.
We'll be working on your mindset, your habits and of course your training and nutrition so that you can excel in ALL areas of your life.

The Mindset: (my favourite part)

Your mindset is a series of perceptions or beliefs that you have about yourself and the world. These determine your actions and behaviours (even those you aren't aware of), your attitude and outlook and the way that you interpret and respond to situations (including things like self-sabotaging and stress eating).

If you've ever tried to make changes in your life, and even knew EXACTLY what you needed to do, but for some reason, you just couldn't bring yourself to do it (lack of time, lack of motivation, lack of willpower - whatever your reasons or excuses may have been) - it all comes down to your MINDSET.

Your actions come from your thoughts. So to change your actions, you MUST work on changing your thoughts.

The great news is, our brains are neuroplastic - this means they can change!

This is going to be a BIG focus in the Glow Up Challenge - The best Glow Ups start on the inside & we will work on the perceptions and beliefs that are stopping you from moving forward, and work on replacing them with new perceptions and beliefs that will help you achieve your goals! 

The Nutrition:

Heal your relationship with food by learning how to fuel your body and stop living in restriction.

You'll get a customised plan that teaches you how to eat balanced foods (including all the foods you love) and reach your goals.

Change your mindset of restriction - learn that there are no good or bad foods. Sure, some foods are more nutrient-dense, and some foods are less nutrient dense. Some foods are higher in calories and foods are lower in calories. But you can include all of them as part of a healthy, nutritious and balanced lifestyle and still achieve amazing results.

Stop fearing foods and feeling hungry! As well as the customised nutrition plan, you'll get access to 100+ Macro-friendly recipes to help you get started planning your own meals and menus, giving you total food freedom.

The Training:

Stop wasting time in the gym. People have a misconception that they have to spend hours in the gym working WAY harder than they actually need to. Learn how to work out effectively to reach your goals most efficiently. 

Take care of future you - Lifting weights isn't just about building muscle and looking great - it also helps you to age well, improving your strength to perform daily tasks much easier and help prevent osteoporosis. It also improves your heart health, blood sugar levels & so much more!


Learn to lift safely - Don't worry if you're new to weightlifting. I will give you all the education and guidance so you can feel confident no matter your experience level! 

The Accountability:

One of the most underutilised tools to achieving amazing results - having someone to report to is SO POWERFUL - giving you the push you need to stay committed

You'll get wee
kly check-ins with me as well as two-way communication so you will be able to ask me questions and get support whenever you need it. This will help you stay consistent.


This is the perfect environment to keep you on track when times get tough, and finally get you amazing results and loving the process!


Will you be next?

Payment Options


Pay Weekly


Billed Weekly


Pay Monthly


Billed Monthly


Pay In Full


One Time Payment

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8 Weekly payments of $39

After the 8 weeks you have the option to continue ongoing coaching or end the subscription at the end of the challenge

2 Monthly payments of $149

After the 8 weeks you have the option to continue ongoing coaching or end the subscription at the end of the challenge

A one time payment of $297

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